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March 26, 2013
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MnG: Ikeda Atsushi by Cirquis MnG: Ikeda Atsushi by Cirquis
Ugghghghgghgugh I hope I get in--- :iconlazycryplz:
For the wonderfuru group: :iconmizu-no-gakuen:))

REEEEDONE--REVAMPED--ugh//fixed some of atsushi's stuff like his face and brightening his colouring


★N a m e: Ikeda Atsushi [池田 敦司]

★A g e: 16歳

★H e i g h t: 187cm

★W e i g h t: 75kg

★Y e a r: Freshman

★L e v e l : Beginner

★L i k e s/D i s l i k e s:
+ swimming
+ water
+ the sun
+ being read to
+ all the seasons
+ fruits & meat
+ water sports; i.e. swimming and surfing
+ goofing around
+ teasing people
+ bishounen boys

- vegetables
- overly sweet things
- sitting still
- reading for long periods of time
- hospitals
- anyone who tries to take his buttginity or make him an bottom

★P e r s o n a l i t y:
> Goofy Atsushi loves to goof around and have fun! He appreciates life's moments and wants to celebrate them with a laugh.
> Happy He is rarely sad; he just has a happy and positive personality overall.
> Teasing Atsushi loves to tease people! It makes him feel closer to people as friends if he can joke around/tease with others, and he thinks it's fun.
> Distractable He is easily sidetracked. He can't pay attention to things for a long time, and he can't sit still. He always has to be doing something, and he can easily forget things as well.
> Simple Atsushi is a simple guy who likes simple things. He can easily forgive people with a simple apology, and he can be pleased easily with simple things like hugs.
> Sarcastic He is very sarcastic and since he loves to tease people, people can never tell when he's serious and when he's not.
> Flirtatious He flirts with a lot basically everyone; that's just how he is. It's also part of his teasing.

★H i s t o r y:
Atsushi was born into a normal Japanese family. His father was a regular salaryman and his mother helped out at the local grocery store. The only problem was that Atsushi was a sickly child, spending a lot of his time in and out of hospitals. He had a weak immune system and was prone to passing out a lot, especially during warm weather. Despite his sicknesses, he was a happy child, always smiling and running about in the house. During school, he couldn't participate much in outside activities, so he always used sit inside near the window chatting with people or watching people play outside. He always kept a positive attitude, but when Atsushi was six years old, he fell extremely ill. He was admitted into a hospital where the doctor suggested that the family relocate to a place where the air is good and clean for a sick boy to recuperate. But Atsushi's parents couldn't afford to move because they needed to keep their jobs and pay for Atsushi's hospital bills, so he was sent to live with his grandmother near the coast for a while. He loved his grandmother and happily stayed with her. She had a house by the shore, and Atsushi's health improved greatly while he lived with her.

One day, as his grandmother took him and his friends out to the beach, Atsushi discovered that he could swim really well, and even though he was in the sun all day, as long as he kept himself hydrated and wet with water, he wouldn't pass out. His new discovery led to a new method of rehabilitation for Atsushi. Every day, he would go swimming right after school. This exercise helped him gain muscle and increased his health, causing him to feel and be healthier overall. And since Atsushi spent so much time in the sun, his skin had darkened greatly, which was fantastic for him because the darker the skin a person has, the more efficiently the body would deal with heat. Since he couldn't play soccer and other sports well, he devoted his entire time to swimming and getting healthier to the point where he could play outside with his friends without getting too tired or sick. When his grandmother passed away, Atsushi returned to live with his parents who were definitely pleased with the Atsushi's amazing health condition. He was enrolled in a junior high where he joined the swimming club and excelled in the butterfly stroke. When he reached his last year of junior high, his swim coach suggested that he apply to a famous and highly renowned swim school for serious swimmers such as himself. With his parents' and coach's support, he applied for enrollment at Mizu no Gakuen. (if that is what the school is called because seriously idk lololol)

★Additional Info:

* Seiyuu: Suzuki Tatsuhisa [link] start from 0:04.
* Birthday: April 1st.
* Because he was sick a lot, he was gone from school for a year but managed to catch up again by studying really hard. He's not very smart though; he's only good at memorizing things for a short period of time and retaining that info for awhile which is why he managed to test pass the grade he had missed and stay with his grade level.
* Has only been in relationships with girls but that will all change once he joins this school kufufu

RP Methods: Through Skype, notes, or comments.
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